Are you an inspirational Changemaker?

Are you passionate about sharing your message and making a difference?

It’s time to shine a spotlight on what you do

If you’re a non-profit, business or individual working to make the world a better place, and you want to have a bigger influence and be a trailblazer, then you need the critical role of media exposure. PR and a having your own publicist will usually cost in the region of 2-3k per month, at least. Doing your own PR is an option but getting attention from journalists by sending a ‘cold’ email request probably isn’t going to cut it, and you’re so busy running your business, there just isn’t enough time for you to take on PR as well…

That’s where I can help you.


This is what current Changemakers have to say…



Having Janey by my side as I’ve launched my book has been a blessing.

As a one-woman show, working & living on my own, it is near impossible to do all the things I want and need to do to get myself out there as much as I’d like. Knowing that I also have Janey championing me, putting press releases out there, coming to me with articles to write (and giving me deadlines to do it by!) takes a weight of pressure in one area of my business off my mind. It’s much easier to become more visible when working with someone who is already out there. To become seen as an expert – work with an expert!

‘Having attended a day long PR session with Janey a couple of years ago, I’m
delighted to have now embarked on a one to one Changemaker journey with her
to help increase my brand exposure. Only shortly into the 3 months, Janey
has successfully managed to get me a whole feature in a major magazine as
well as quotes into another main glossy plus a competition into another
publication. Impressive results from a clearly well connected media
presence. And still so much more to go!’

Featured in Nov 2017 issue of Top Santé as part of Changemaker Programme

Ciara Jean Roberts  –


Ten minutes into our Power Visioning Call, Janey was already suggesting changes to my website and ‘message’ that, when implemented, had an impact almost immediately. Before the end of the call, I knew that I wanted to work with Janey in more depth – cue ‘The Changemaker Programme’.

Again, results have been fast. Janey has increased my media coverage – which have included mentions in a daily broadsheet, a radio interview (with subsequent follow-up from that show), my ‘Changemaker Spotlight’ interview featuring on her website and features in a number of publications across the world… all this – I hasten to add – just one month into the programme!


Cai Graham –


As a key influencer, I have lots of contacts to open doors for experts, authors and changemakers. I know a thing or two about what journalists are looking for, and it’s not just PR that we need, it’s often that we need to find the clarity and vision that we know is within us!

Join me as a changemaker and let me help you focus your vision, package it, and send it out into the world in a way that will be noticed!



If you’re looking for Visibility in the marketplace look no further than Janey…”

Lynne Franks – Author, Broadcaster and Women’s Empowerment Guru

Here’s what you get when you join me




    I’m an expert at helping bring ‘Heart-centred businesses’ and services into the mainstream, and here you can benefit from a 30 minute one to one consultation with me over the phone or Skype. I’ll offer you a unique perspective that can really make the difference you want and during our time together we’ll discuss and refine your USP and PR Strategy to showcase your business to its best.

  • VLOG (Video Promotion)

    Personally presented by me, and located on my blog at your video will be 2 -3 minutes in duration, hosted on YouTube, and a great way to personally engage with your potential clients.


    I’ll help you draft your press release so you know exactly what you need to say and I’ll advise you how and when to follow up with journalists.


    You will get the opportunity to run a competition to offer your product or service as a giveaway (must be a product or programme, not a consultation or treatment) – this puts you in the gaze of our viewers over on my holistic lifestyle blog With our competition pages receiving up to 18,000 visits per month, and our 20,000 subscribers being pointed to these competitions in our regular Ezines, competitions are a fantastic way of increasing your visibility, profile, presence and of course potential clients.

    *Competitions will run for a period of 8 weeks. We will supply you with the database of all the entrants (competition entrants have ticked an ‘opt in’ box that allows you to send them emails).


    I will social network your brand on Facebook and on Twitter. This will increase traffic to your blog and entrants to your competitions and your own website.


    It is important to note that this is not a dedicated PR campaign, but within the PR industry, editorial has a value of TWO and a HALF TIMES the equivalent value in advertising space, and I can produce leads and create and place articles that position you in the right markets for your services.

    As a ‘Changemaker’ client, you will be at the top of my radar when it comes to PR opportunities and I’ll put you forward for relevant media opportunities via my own network of media contacts. As with any PR, we are at the mercy of editors, so this cannot be guaranteed.


    If appropriate your brand/service will be included in my Spotlight Show on UK Health Radio


    You’ll get exclusive access to my private Facebook Group where you can interact with me and all the other members, seek advice, get feedback, ask any questions that you have, be the first to know about media opportunities, and feel part of a community.


    An opportunity to be in the spotlight by way of an on-line feature article. I will open with saying what your USP is, followed by your own answers to questions relating to your brand, services and ethos. This ‘CHANGEMAKER Spotlight’ interview will be featured on my Media blogsite ( and can be posted on your own site where it can be social networked as an interview with a key industry ‘Person of Influence’.


    Your business/service will be featured on my blog site with a personal solo showcase blog at This spotlight blog will list key features of your business or service, with a link directly to your website. You will have the opportunity to share your story, of the milestones and moments that led you to where you are now in order to inspire others.



If you are interested in this opportunity to work with me please send an email to tell me a bit about your work, your website and contact details, and the difference you’re making, and why you would like this opportunity to work with me.


Collaboration runs for a period of 90 days during which you will receive all components above.


Why work in collaboration with me?



As an author and business owner I have worn ‘both hats’ i.e. seeking to establish a platform and a profile of my own, and on the other side of the fence as someone who has worked in the media as a journalist/ interviewer and producer.

I’ve learned all my tips and secrets that I’m offering you, the hard way! My efforts have rewarded me as an Amazon No 1 Best-selling author, many national TV appearances as an expert commentator, and as a presenter – 17 years (and still counting) as a co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show on BBC Radio 2 (now 8 million listeners), being voted the No 1 personality in the Natural Beauty Industry Yearbook for two years running, and a website that received a quarter of a million hits in its first month on-line.

I’m a Huffington Post Blogger, and columnist for many National newspapers and magazines in the UK, and through my 5 best-selling books, Blogs, Vlogs, seminars, speaking events, and numerous TV and Radio appearances, I’ve established my position as a trusted representative and Media Spokesperson, and my PR work for individual clients has resulted (for them) in some life-changing Media breakthroughs.