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Spotlight Interview: Bernardo Moya from ‘The Best You’

  In my UK Health Radio ‘Spotlight Show’ I interview some of the world’s most inspiring self-development coaches, gurus and personalities about their health and wellbeing services, products and knowledge. In this interview I speak with Bernardo Moya about personal development, health and wellness and a fabulous event coming up soon which I’m thrilled to […]

‘Don’t Leave Me This Way’

If you are a small business owner, blogger, author or solopreneur I’m guessing you send out newsletters, e-zines or bulletins to your client’s, customers or community to make special offers, share content and keep them informed of what’s going on. I’m sure you’re also on the receiving end of lots of them too, some you […]

Back To Work, But Are We Happy?

A New Survey Measures the Nation’s State Of Mind A new survey on workplace attitudes reveals that many Britons are genuinely happy in the workplace – but there is still room for improvement. The Best You magazine’s Life Meaning Survey asked 2000 people in work across the ages, genders and regions about their experience at […]

What’s Holding You Back?

Is your confidence holding you back from achieving what you want to in your business? Often we need some help with empowerment even if we know deep down that we’re capable it’s such a smoother path when we have others to support, nurture and empower us. Often it’s enough to be in a community of […]

Cut and Paste a Fabulous Year

I’ve been suggesting for a good while now that standard new year resolutions don’t really work, if you’ve already written your list and promised yourself you will lose weight, go to the gym, give up chocolate and alcohol and learn a new skill I wish you well but I’d love to recommend you take time […]

How Wishes Come True…

It’s great to be doing a short run in panto. I almost said no till a wise friend said ‘do it’ – it’s like being a kid again, I am the Fairy Godmother in Cinderella making wishes come true! I wish you a magical holiday period and hope 2016 is the year where your wishes […]

Am I Good Enough To Compete?

Theodore Roosevelt once said “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Since I started coaching clients the question I hear over and over again is ‘Am I good enough?’ People who want to write a book or get their book out there to a wider audience often tell me they are fearful that the market for […]

Biting Fit’s Whole Life Detox Retreat Weekend 2016

Biting Fit’s Whole Life Detox Retreat Weekend 2016 Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th January 2016 at Buckden Towers, Buckden, St Neots,  PE19 5TA Indulge in a whole-life rejuvenating experience hosted by Gwen Warren, Founder of Biting Fit Whole Life Detox Retreats and world-class, international coaches, authors and speakers including Janey Lee Grace, Alice Barnes, founder of ABC […]

Get It Going…

You will have seen the story across social media recently about Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan who wrote an open letter to their new-born daughter saying they want her to ‘grow up in a world better than ours’. They have committed to giving away 99 per cent of their Facebook shares […]