Even Julian Fellowes Was Surprised by His Own Success…

It was brilliant to meet the esteemed Julian Fellowes –  actor,  producer and of course screenwriter and executive producer of Downton Abbey – he was interviewed on Steve Wright in the afternoon on BBC Radio 2 and he told us he got into scriptwriting by accident when his production company couldnt afford to pay a scriptwriter,  its transpired he was rather good at it!  When asked if he was surprised at the massive success of Downton (its been translated into 22 different languages for the global market) he said …’Well all success is bewildering….I mean moi? Really?

Isn’t it interesting that so many of us find it hard to really celebrate our achievements, in fact we wonder if we will be ‘found out’ and it may all come crashing down.   Even Julian says that when the incredible level of success dawned on him his first thought was… ‘surely they’ll realise I’m not that great’…while his second thought (fortunately) was..’.what took me so long!’ 

Claim your YOUnique brilliance and sing your own praises!

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