How to Write Your Book, Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business

Wednesday 14th March 2018 – Central London

Spend a day working with myself, Martyn Pentecost and Richard Hagen – write / publish / brand your book – make sure your book is as brilliant as you are!

WHY this day is essential for business owners who want to write a book…

  • You know that putting your business expertise into a published book has never been more urgent. But you are swamped by the pressures of clients, work, time, etc.
  • The answer is not to wait for time to miraculously appear, but to change how you approach writing, branding and publishing your book.
  • Working with us will make sure you start your book, build an audience and get your book out there.

As we help you navigate the writing, publishing and branding minefield you will learn:

  • the kind of book you need to write
  • the people you need to write it for
  • how to make your book compelling
  • how to make sure your readers get results
  • how to stand out from the crowd
  • how to be yourself in a way that attracts business
  • how to build a strong, personal brand
  • how to build an audience and generate publicity
  • how to make money from your book
  • how to use your book to attract your ideal clients
  • how to turn your expertise into a range of products
  • how to scale your business up even if it is just you working in it

See you there!

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