Meet…Vanessa from Real Remedies – Proud Sponsors of the 2017 Platinum Awards

We are thrilled to announce one of our sponsors for our 2017 JANEY LOVES Platinum Awards is Real Remedies, natural remedies that work with the chakras for attaining greater sensitivity, awareness and balance in our lives.


“I love to drink the third eye and crown chakra blends on a spring evening, they are so relaxing and help prepare me for my mediation practice”

Vanessa Jacoby – Co Founder Real Remedies

Real Remedies was born from Vanessa Jacoby’s desire to share her awakening with others. Disillusioned by working in a city bank, she embarked on a journey of self discovery, which led her to yoga, mediation and the healing arts. She was introduced to the power of natural remedies when as a young girl, her mother gave her a herbal remedy for an abscess, and within three days the abscess had gone and never returned. From then on Vanessa’s interest in alternative medicine grew and she began making her own tonics at home, for coughs, colds and flu and continued learning about how to heal the body naturally.

Amongst many other magical things, she started to sense her relationship with plants and was called to design special blends that worked specifically with the Chakras.

A mother of 2 little ones, an ardent yogi and intuitive masseur, Vanessa is passionate about self-realisation, awakening and conscious community. She is also co-founder of The SkyLimit Centre, a company dedicated to growth, empowerment and awakening.

Discover all about Real Remedies great selection of teas, tinctures and tonics at: