2021 Award Winners in October Health Triangle Magazine!

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Thank you so much to everyone who was part of the 2020 Platinum Awards, it was a pleasure and I’m delighted I got to showcase such fantastic natural products and services. As you know we run these prestigious Awards yearly, and even though the last two years have been challenging I do believe that many of us are continuing to search for a more natural and holistic way to live.

If you and your brand are an award winner I would love and very much appreciate your feedback which will assist others as we’d love to encourage brands who aren’t sure about entering in the future. Please let us know how winning a Janey Loves Award has benefited you or why you believe it’s so important to recognise the best in natural products and services. This is a great opportunity for visibility for your business when we promote our 2022 Awards with exposure on our website and across our social networks! 

If you’re willing, please do a quick video testimonial via your phone, please say who you are, your brand name, and the importance for you of winning your award – Thank you! Please send your testimonial and a headshot asap to janeyleegrace.accreditation@gmail.com

 If you want to continue the momentum and get your product or service noticed and in the minds of customers both current and new it’s the perfect time to be thinking about Christmas and New Year, particularly when it comes to marketing your products. The busiest time of year is approaching and I already have deadlines for articles for Christmas / New Year editions with ‘slots’ to feature your natural products in my columns. Don’t miss your biggest opportunity!

As well as writing for several magazines and publications, hosting my show on UK Health Radio, and blogs and vlogs on Imperfectly Natural, I have my Alcohol Free Life podcast which has had over 800k downloads, and my community The Sober Club which is a totally engaged audience who are super hungry for ‘upscaling’ their health and wellbeing and they are keen to hear about my recommendations. Whatever your budget we have lots of ways to showcase your brand and get you in the eyes and minds of your ideal customers.

Take a look here at the different options of how we can keep your brand in the spotlight this season