5 Top Tips to Podcast Success

By Guest Writer Sonny Etchell

Toying with the idea of starting a podcast? Or perhaps you already have a podcast but want to optimise it for greater success to promote your business and online presence. Podcasting is now incredibly popular and can be a great way to give people a more in-depth insight into you and the message you’re trying to get across through your business.

Here are 5 tips to achieve success with your podcast that you’ll be glad you knew before start:

1.Quality over length

Don’t fall for the trap of thinking that podcasts must be hours long. One of the best things about podcasts is the long form conversation which allows people to converse in an uninterrupted, unedited format. However, this should only apply if the topic warrants having a lengthy runtime. For the most part you want to be concise and keep your listeners attention. You’d rather have a listener make it to the end of your 15 minute podcast, than only get 15 minutes into your 90 minute podcast.

Once you have decided on an approximate length, make sure all your episodes are roughly your chosen length. You want to maintain people’s expectations so avoid having a 30 minute episode one week and an hour long episode the next. You also want to be consistent with the day and time your podcast is released so your listeners know when to expect your episodes.

The Joe Rogan’s of the world can afford to have 3 hour long podcasts as they’ve reached the level of notoriety at which their die-hard listeners sit through it but don’t think the same applies to you! Especially when starting out, keep it coincide and don’t make your episodes longer than they need be.


To avoid burnout, use seasons. By splitting your podcast into seasons, you can test the waters to make sure that it is something you can sustain. Many podcasters make the mistake of starting to release episodes without any indication of an endpoint. They put the expectation on themselves to release episodes indefinitely, without a break which you may find you will need!

2.Don’t lose sight of the what and why

What – what is your podcast about, what purpose does it serve?

Why – why are you doing it, Why should people care?

Like most forms of content creation, the key to a successful podcast is consistency and you won’t be consistent if you’re not talking about and researching something that excites you, something you could ramble on for hours about on a weekly basis.

Of course episodes should be well prepared, with notes or bullet points of your talking points and questions for interviewees (even writing a script can be a good idea). However, you should want to talk about your topic because you’re relentlessly passionate about it. This way you’ll never run out of things to say and your enthusiasm will keep your listeners engaged.

Remember to always keep your audience in mind. What are their needs? What problem am I trying to solve and why should they keep listening? Put yourself in their shoes to help make sure you’re always delivering useful information.


If you have an idea for a podcast in mind but are still not sure it is sustainable, try this. Write down 10 episode ideas. If you struggle to think of 10, you may want to reconsider the subject matter of your podcast.

3.Don’t neglect sound quality

A surefire way to ensure someone stops listening to your podcast is, simply, if it’s unpleasant to listen to. You don’t need to spend thousands to have a professional, high quality recording setup but it’s worth investing in good, minimal equipment that will provide you with clear and crisp audio without breaking the bank.

All you need is a basic setup consisting of your computer, a mic and some headphones. If you’re doing video podcasting, a decent external webcam works just fine.

When choosing a mic I would recommend a USB mic as they are super affordable and plug straight into your computer.

Here are 2 of the best affordable USB mics on the market:

4.Don’t do it for the money

The reality is that there is lots of competition now so think about anything you can do to make your podcast standout as much as possible. More importantly, take pride in the fact that you’d do this podcast whether it made money or not because you want to grow your business and get your message out there. Perhaps you want to drive more traffic to your website or grow your email list or maybe you just enjoy talking into a microphone with some friends!

See your podcast as an asset that, while may not be bringing in any significant income, is promoting yourself and growing your online presence.

Always be ambitious and if you do get to a point where you can have sponsorships then all power to you! Landing sponsors often comes down to how many downloads you regularly hit but it’s not the only way to monetize a podcast. Really knowing your niche could mean even with a relatively small number of listeners you could attract sponsorship revenue.

Although podcasting takes a lot of preparation and hard work, it shouldn’t feel like work when you’re actually doing it. However if you’re starting a podcast because you’re seeing dollar signs in your eyes, it might be time to rethink.


Not sure what to name your podcast? Here are some pointers:

  • Keep it specific. You don’t want anything that is at all vague
  • Make sure the name is memorable and rolls off the tongue easily
  • Keep the name in line with/similar to your business name or brand
  • Make sure the name is available and hasn’t already been taken

5.Get an editor

In an ideal world, once you’ve finished recording your podcast, you’d hit a magic button, sending your podcast into the sky where it will land on peoples phones ready for them to start listening.

The reality is that recording the podcast can often be the easy part. It is what goes on ‘post production’ that can be the most boring, tedious and time consuming aspect to starting a podcast.

If you’re someone who is able to outsource editing I would recommend it because it takes that responsibility off your shoulders, freeing up more time for you to focus on making the content of your episodes as good as possible. Unless you’re someone who enjoys this part, slaving away editing your podcast might discourage you and make you question whether it’s all even worth the hassle!

There are also several other odd jobs involved in getting a podcast off the ground such as creating Podcast artwork, sourcing free to use music and setting up your hosting platform to distribute your podcast to places such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Of course this is a ‘shameless plug’ but I offer podcast editing services ranging from weekly editing of your episodes (should you already have a podcast) as well as a full ‘podcast startup package’ including podcast artwork creation, music sourcing and uploading to platforms for those brand new to the scene who need a helping hand getting your podcast off the ground!

See my work here

CALL OUT for Awards and Pop-Up Shop!

HELLO LOVE and the HELLO BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION are excited to collaborate with Janey on the 2022 Platinum Awards.

From 12th – 30th September we will be showcasing some of the best natural and organic brands at our special Platinum Awards pop-up shop at Hello Love.

Kevin Helton and Jane Hutchison set up HELLO LOVE (Bloomsbury, London) after Jane’s Breast cancer diagnosis. They founded a branding and design studio of the same name and thought it was a perfect opportunity to create a wellness space to educate the community on how to live more sustainably (and using this understanding to help prevent chronic & degenerative disease).

Jane’s Cancer Charity, the HELLO BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION also lives within the space and they offer free holistic session, workshops, nontoxic gift packs, organic juice/ plant based food and counselling to people with cancer, and if you wanted to make a donation to the work of the HELLO BEAUTIFUL charity please do so here

Additionally, they have a vegan juice bar /restaurant on site, and a gift shop where they sell all types of artworks, handmade items and skincare products.

They run festivals and events throughout the year to showcase these creators and are excited to collaborate with Janey again for this years Platinum Awards and pop up shop.

As they are a charity, they must sell on consignment with 50% going to the brand and 50% going to charity. In addition to their foundation, they use their 50% of sales to support 45 or so other charities.

They don’t have much room for stock so they would work with each brand to select a small range that would fit in best with the local market. At the conclusion of the pop-up there will be the option to keep some of the products in the shop afterwards. If you are a natural/vegan brand this is a great opportunity along with the awards to get in front of a wider audience who are looking for your products.

If you have entered our 2022 Platinum Awards and are interested in having your products at the pop-up shop, please let us know asap at janey@imperfectlynatural.com and we will put you in touch directly.

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The winners of the 2022 Platinum Awards are announced during that week in September. As the venue is very small, Janey will be at Hello Love studio and vegan cafe with Jane and Kevinand a few awards sponsors and invited guests, and will do a live streamed announcement of the award winners.

Could You Be A Sober Coach?

What does it mean to be a Sober Club Coach?

*next training SEPT 30 – OCT 1

Whether you already work as a coach, therapist or practitioner or are new to coaching, this in-depth training can add new strategies to your skill set. 

Sober Club coaches offer so much more than ‘just not drinking’, it’s a non-judgemental approach to helping your client uncover their inner wisdom. You will learn how to introduce tools which allow clients to see the rich tapestry that awaits them when they experience life in glorious technicolour – without the booze.

Help clients break through fear, get back to their authentic self, help them get their mojo back, and find their motivation. You will also benefit from huge personal transformation as we deep dive into personal development. 

As a Sober Club Accredited Coach, you could make an incredible impact on someone else’s life and gain financial freedom for yourself. (It’s OK to aspire to be abundant!).

Why train with Janey Lee Grace?

Janey Lee Grace is an Amazon No 1 Bestselling Author and broadcaster best known as a co-host on BBC Radio 2’s ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’. She has many years’ experiences as a Media Coach utilising a whole range of tools / techniques and real-life experience to ensure great results.

Janey became sober at the start of 2018 and is qualified as a Grey Area Drinking Coach with Jolene Park. She is an NLP practitioner, and a level 2 EFT practitioner. She is also a qualified Matrix Re-imprinting practitioner and a Family Constellations therapist. She also offers business and marketing training so can cover all the bases. Because of her connections and work in the media, and because she is so well known in this arena, being on Janey’s radar can help to skyrocket your visibility for your work.

What previous experience is needed?

If you are already a coach this is ideal to add to your work. It is also perfect if you are new to coaching and currently offer some kind of therapeutic / people centered work and are keen to share your passion and enthusiasm for self-care and sobriety. 

If you want to offer sobriety coaching for paying clients, it is advantageous to have at least six months of sobriety under your own belt, but you may be keen to do the programme to support yourself, friends and family and take clients at a later date. 

We will have a phone call to ensure that the programme is right for you.

What happens on the course…

The first two days of the course are held in person with the group (max of 10 people) in our beautiful seaside balcony apartment overlooking the sea at Southend in the UK. Fabulous food is provided.

After 2 days which are information packed and inspirational, the course continues for another 4- 5 weeks with Zoom meetings and regular training. After that, as a member of the Sober Club Accredited Coaches family we are always in touch, advising and sharing each other’s progress.

If you are not able to attend the in person 2-day training in the UK, you can still complete the course. You would receive recordings of our 1st modules, and then join the group for the live Zoom group sessions over the following weeks. 

  • Across the first two days we will be aiming to ‘fine tune’ you, so that you can feel authentic. We will look at what coaching really is and your niche.
  • We identify how to determine your ideal client and assess that you are the right coach for them, and how to create an action plan that works for your clients and that will get results. 
  • You will experience some of the best combinations of exercises, tools and protocols to use with clients to encourage them to look at their nutrition, (A leading nutritionist delivers this module online) their mind-set, how they respond to stress and how to bring back joy into their life.
  • We will look at the typical problems that clients will present with, and how best to guide them, ensuring that we know how to signpost and recommend the best resources to support them.
  • We dig deep into how the brain works, and how the brain chemistry can be out of whack after we have been drinking.  We look at how to work with limiting beliefs, trauma and the ‘craving brain’. We dig deep into self-care resources and the power of connection.



Your investment for this course is;

Non returnable deposit £250

Followed by 3 instalments of £629

Total £2137


Save £140 by paying in full

Non returnable deposit £250

and 1 additional payment of £1747

Total £1997