Making Big Life Changes with NLP

It’s official now, ‘NLP Practitioner’ is a real job title, read all about it here.

Over lockdown I’m pleased to say I trained in NLP (neuro linguistic programming) and I can’t tell you what a difference it’s made in my coaching work (I coach people around confidence, stepping into the spotlight, and of course health coaching and ditching the booze) but also in everyday life, I am much more patient with my kids and able to see things from their perspective too.

Lots of people have asked about the training so I wanted to share just how amazing I think Andy Coley and Jo Wilson are, they are the best in my book, because they really take time to ensure everything is explained fully, and once you get on board, you become part of their ‘NLP family’. Earlier in the year they won a Platinum Award.


I would highly appreciate it if you let them know I recommended you and use these links if you are booking onto their course.

If you are interested in training or doing some ‘core skills’ in NLP click here.

Several of my clients in The Sober Club have seen the potential for themselves for a new career in the future, some have done the core skills to help them in their workplace.

You may just want to get the New Year off to a good start in which case to get a taste of it all, check out their low cost workshop on January 22nd.

If you are interested in working with me, I offer one off sessions or coaching packages, please get in touch for details at


Honestly for me it was the 1 -1 coaching sessions. It gave me the tools I needed to deal with all the potential triggers. Book some time with Janey! I’m 50 days sober now and enjoying it. Never ever thought it possible.

D.M. London

I recently did a 4 week coaching programme with Janey and I have to say, I feel like I have been equipped with tools to really reshape my life. I made lots of notes and plan to read these over Xmas and implement all the suggestions she made. There were a couple of lightbulb moments and I realised that I have never really loved myself. From the outside, everyone would think I am super confident, however, all my insecurities and unhealthy patterns of behaviour all stem from this one thing. It is amazing what you can see when you stop drinking. I didn’t think I was one of those people who masked my emotions with booze, but now I look back, I probably did. Now, I have to deal with all these emotions with no booze to help me – it is very confronting. It has been a more challenging exercise than I thought it would be, however being part of the amazing Sober Club, and knowing that Janey is on hand with support – has given me the strength to keep going. I am already proud of what I have achieved so far (83 days today) and know that I will feel amazing and strong in a few more months.

A.G Sydney

If you are interested in adding on Grey area drinking recovery coaching to your skill set, please email and I can put you in touch with the best trainer in the holistic health and sobriety arena.


I hope you’re enjoying Feel Good Factor TV it’s from 8am Saturday and IT HAS NOW MOVED TO Sky Channel 191, there are some some great presenters and shows to uplift and inspire, which is what we need right now!

MY show Being Imperfectly Natural starts at 9am, and this week I’m excited to interview Helena Cavan – don’t miss this!

How much water should we really drink? What kind of water? Should we ‘detox’?

Questions I put to my guest Helena Cavan from The Milestone Detox – a boutique detox retreat.

My ‘segment’ is usually around 9am, hope you can catch it, and it’s repeated on Sunday. Helena is SO knowledgeable! – Here’s a review I wrote after my first weekend there
Future guests on my show include:

  • Chinese Medicine Doctor Katie Brindle on the benefits of Gua Sha.
  • Founder of Therapi Honey Skincare, Tanya Hawkes on DIY skincare.
  • Dr Zach Bush on good gut health.
  • Caroline Lyons of The Natural Skincare Club.

Don’t miss it, Sky 191 channel, 9am Saturday.


Janey Loves 2020 Platinum Awards – Winners Announced!

The JANEY LOVES 2020 Platinum Award winners were announced on a live stream from Hello Love, Bloomsbury, London.

View the Full List of Award Winners Here

Watch the Live Stream Here

We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing sponsors, AEOS skincare, and our media partners, My Green Pod, UK Health Radio and The Sober Club. Of course, we want to thank our judges too, who have told us they have enjoyed the products they have been sampling this year, more than ever before! Thank you, Jo Wood, Glynis Barber and Carrie Grant.

‘Readers Vote’ Winner Will Be Announced Soon!

Special Offer – Power Vision Call with Me

Why not make it a successful Summer….I’ve got a great opportunity for you to work with me on a one to one Power Visioning Call over the phone (or via Skype) at a special discounted rate!

For just £229 – if paid for and call date booked before Monday 31st August 2020

Please email to book your slot now. Spaces are very limited at this price so please email me with details of your work and why you’d like this opportunity.

“After getting confused with lots of conflicting advice I decided to book a Power Visioning Call with Janey. Should have done it sooner. Janey got straight to the point with concise questions that really made me think about how I want to get my message out there and, more importantly, who to. My business is my passion and it takes a true professional, as Janey is, to point out the best way for me to promote what I offer so I can help the people I care about .

I ended the call with a renewed enthusiasm and a marketing strategy that fits perfectly with my business method and is all very ‘doable’. Janey’s expertise and knowledge of marketing, together with her compassion and ability to understand what really matters, made the perfect combination for the most productive hour I have spent in a long while”

Nadine Searle

Spend 60 minutes with me and I’ll help you get clarity on your key messages and PR strategy. We’ll look at your current marketing and create a focus for exactly what you need to do to increase your visibility.

  • Help you get clear on your USP – That’s your ‘Unique Selling Proposition’ –  so that you know exactly what makes YOU different (This is critical when it comes to knowing exactly what to say and build your marketing on, rather than sounding like everyone else in your field)
  • Get you focused on the right path – I’ll help you get clear on what you should focus on first and exactly where to start to get your visibility increasing and your income rising right away. (There’s so many possibilities, but we all need to start somewhere, so let’s get you off to the best possible start and as soon as possible)
  • Assess your Current Website and Marketing – They say it takes you three websites before you get it right! But it doesn’t have to be like that, and you don’t necessarily have to start from square one. I’ll help you focus on what’s lacking, and address key areas that will make all the difference.
  • Find your Best Possible PR Strategy – The world needs to know about you, and I’ll help you to decide exactly which of my favourite tried-and-trusted PR and media vehicles are the best for YOU and your particular business (This is different for everyone, so I’ll help you choose the right ones for you)
  • Leave you with Clear Goals – I want to end the call with you being 1000% clearer on what you need to do to move to the next level. – Or should I say LEAP!

Please email

Under One Sky Online Auction for Homelessness – Join Me at the Closing Party!


Founded in 2012, Under One Sky have served over 4,000 homeless people prior to lockdown. They are active in Cambridge and Madrid, with plans to expand to Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Paris, and Berlin. Their work relies exclusively on private funds, and they spend donations on supporting homeless people directly.  

On April 2nd, 2020, during this Covid-19 pandemic the group launched an emergency daily food delivery campaign, whilst raising awareness of the plight of the rough sleepers ‘left behind’ in Central London. By early July, over 32,000 meals had been served.  

As their emergency relief activities wind down and regular homeless facilities are switching back on, they are planning new projects to continue serving those who don’t have a safe place to call home. 

“After the economic fallout of Covid-19 in the UK” said Mikkel Juel Iversen, Founder of Under One Sky “As a small, but powerful grassroots organisation we have identified new ways that we believe will truly support our homeless friends. Funds raised from this auction will help us deliver these goals” 


The auction can be viewed at and will officially close at 10pm on Friday 24th July 2020.  

I will be hosting an official closing party at 7pm that evening, featuring live bids, musical entertainment from Mica Paris, Lily Bud & Liani Samuel, and interviews with Under One Sky volunteers, it will be available to watch on livestream via UOS’s Facebook page here: 

Almost fifty prizes have been donated from a range of celebrities, businesses and individuals, and lots include: 

Signed copy of Coldplay’s ‘Everyday Life’ album  

2 x VIP tickets to Elton John’s ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ Tour   

One night at Brown’s Mayfair, Majestic Suite  

7 Nights at DoubleTree Hilton Spa, Bodrum, Turkey  

Personal Training packages  

Photography Shoot 

Interior Design  


Sports tickets & memorabilia  

Wellbeing Classes  

Restaurant meals

I’d love Your Votes!

There’s time left to vote, and I would so appreciate your support, I’ve been creating my Janey Lee Grace Alcohol Free Life for a while now and I love it! I bring you tips, advice and motivation and importantly, aim to celebrate self-care in sobriety. It would be great to be acknowledged for the work I do in I hope..inspiring people to make some changes. 

I’ve interviewed some amazing quit lit authors such as Catherine Gray on The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober, Annie Grace of this Naked Mind fame, and Lotta Dann author of Mrs D is going without. Also, guests offer inspiring tips for staying off the booze …

alcohol free life africa meme

Here are some of my most recent podcasts –  

Featuring Luke Scott on Speaking your truth – I talk to the inspirational Luke Scott from the Standout Speakers Academy. Luke is the author of Speak Your Truth 

Featuring comedian Eleanor Conway – I speak with Eleanor Conway a Comedy Store King Gong finalist and has been performing standup since 2014. Her self-produced debut show tour for ‘Walk of Shame’, detailing her battle with addiction, sold out dates in over 10 countries on a multi-award winning 100 date tour. 

Featuring addiction specialist Stephanie Chivers – I interview Stephanie Chivers a habit and addiction specialist with 15 years personal and professional experience.  She teaches people how to stop drinking, taking drugs and start living 


PLEASE NOTE when you have entered and selected Alcohol Free Life and voted for it, you will be asked for your email address, you do need to click on the email they send you to verify who you are before your vote is counted. (The email might go into spam or promotion folder!)   

Click HERE for the podcast 


The Power of Real Food with Zoe Harcombe

I have some great interviews on my YouTube channel with experts on natural health and wellbeing in my new ‘Imperfectly Natural Health and Wellbeing Lockdown Series’

youtube.com_janey-2 (1)

I’m interviewing in both audio and on Zoom video and I’ll be talking with immunity and infection specialist Dr Sarah Myhill, herbs and plants specialist Euan Maclennen, Neil Shah the stress expert, NLP trainers Andy Coley and Jo Wilson, and Patrick Holfold on his new book ‘Flu Fighters’… name a few!

There will also be a great Sober Club series too coming soon, with great tips from authors and experts on how to live a healthy alcohol free life.

Catch my interview with Zoe Harcombe about the power of real food, by clicking on the video below:

The Imperfectly Natural Health and Wellbeing Lockdown Series

My YouTube channel now has a playlist and I’ll be interviewing experts on natural health and wellbeing in my new ‘Imperfectly Natural Health and Wellbeing Lockdown Series’

I have some amazing guests, interviewing in both audio and on Zoom video and I’ll be talking with immunity and infection specialist Dr Sarah Myhill, herbs and plants specialist Euan Maclennen, Neil Shah the stress expert, Zoe Harcombe, about the power of real food, NLP trainers Andy Coley and Jo Wilson, and Patrick Holfold on his new book ‘Flu Fighters’… name a few!

There will also be a great Sober Club series too coming soon, with great tips from authors and experts on how to live a healthy alcohol free life.

Catch my interview with Patrick Holford and see the rest of the series by clicking on the video below:

Ready to Rise. I’m one of the authors of a new best selling book

I’m pleased to be one of the authors who have collaborated on a new book Ready to Rise.

How is your business faring during lockdown?  I have been asking on my facebook groups what silver linings people have found and there are a few…people have managed to work online, change the way they do things, focus on creating content and finishing projects.

But there is no doubt some brand owners and experts are feeling frustrated,  
frazzled, and stuck.  As I have said from the beginning of all of this, its critical to focus on being kind to yourself and getting the support you need.

I’ve found surrounding myself with like minded people helps a lot.  We can’t physically meet up, but its great to hear different perspectives..

I’ve teamed up with over 50 coaches, experts, and thought leaders to create a wonderful book for you: ‘Ready to Rise 62 Ways You and Your Business Can Thrive and Grow in Challenging Times’.

Created for small business owners, coaches & consultants, Ready To Rise shares insights, encouragement and practical strategies to help you and your business emerge stronger than before. My contribution offers some tips around self-care but there are a whole host of business hacks and lifestyle tips too.

For a limited time you can grab your copy at Amazon with 70% off!  The woman who has pulled it all together for us in a staggering 3 weeks Helen Vandenburghe is also ensuring that that all the profits from this book are going to world-leading organisations helping to fight the global pandemic.

Are you Ready to Rise?

So grab a copy on Amazon (and it’s free on kindle unlimited)  Please do leave us a review.  

I’d love to hear about your ‘silver linings’  What aspects of this whole experience will you carry forward when your work life returns to ‘normal’?

Thinking about the free membership training with Stu Mclaren?

I’ve already shared with you the link to register for the great free trainings from Stu Mclaren. Heres a bit more info and timings Don’t miss this because its only once a year.

Stu Mclaren is an absolute legend and he is offering an awesome FREE live training from April 23rd called “Turn What You Already Know, Love, and Do Into A Profitable Membership.”

How do you generate money when the perception is focused on fear and anxiety, and thousands of business owners are closing their doors? Stu will point you in the direction.

Register HERE – it’s free

Now more than ever, millions of people are looking online for educational resources, entertainment, and new outlets to keep their morale high. And not only that, people are craving connection. A membership is the safest place where like-minded people can connect on a much deeper level. (That’s definitely what I have found with The Sober Club.)

Stu says…’Once a year we bring together thousands of entrepreneurs and share how to build a wildly successful membership business around what you already know, love and do. I’ll show you TONS of examples of people (just like you) that have done it in pretty much every niche you can think of.From calligraphy and photography, to fitness and finance, to health, music, dog training, lesson plans, meal plans, eye lashes, door hangers and so many more!’ It’s possible for you too!’

Watch my interview with Stu to see how inspirational he is!

The free trainings are evenings UK time

Part 1 – Thursday, April 23rd

Part 2 – Monday, April 27th

Part 3 – Thursday, April 30th


Starts with identifying the 3 characteristics of a GREAT membership market.

Is your market well suited for a membership?

In the first part of the workshop Stu will show you a powerful tool that will quickly help you determine if the idea you’re considering will fly or flop.

MONDAY, APRIL 27: Part 2

During this session you will walk through the simple, but most important element to any membership site…. The Success Path™  This is the foundation of your membership, Stu will share with you the 4 REAL reasons why people buy and what hooks them to join and keep paying month after month. You’re guaranteed to have one of those “AHA” moments during this. But you’ll also have a TONof clarity as well.


During this, you’ll get Stu’s proven step-by-step Membership Blueprint for starting (or growing) a low stress, highly profitable membership. Stu pulls back the curtain in this session and show you my exact plan that outlines EVERYTHING you need for a thriving membership. And if you already have a business – even a brick-and-mortar store, I’ll show you how to easily pivot and jumpstart your very own online membership business.

So here’s what to expect…

Each day, you’ll get an email with details on how to access each part of the workshop. Carve out 30 minutes to go through it – then join in on the discussion. Each part of the workshop builds on the previous one. So make sure you go through them in order to get the most out of it. Sound like a plan?

Don’t miss these trainings, Stu is awesome, if you can’t make them live you will get access to the replay but you do need to be registered