Speaking at the Global Virtual PR Summit

I am thrilled to be speaking at the global virtual PR Summit being hosted by @wombizclub on 21st October 2021.

The global summit for professionals in communication, PR, public affairs and corporate affairs as well as for businesses who would like to get their business in front of the media. Women’s Business Club is delighted to invite you to a full day PR Summit where I’m joining an all-star expert lineup of thought leaders in Public Relations & Communication.

 I will talk about getting clarity on the ‘Authentic you’, finding your USP and ‘YOU-nique brilliance’ and how to focus on what you really want. I want to encourage businesswoman to become their own best PR and step into the spotlight. 

Book your place at https://womensbusiness.club/summit

Have you seen the annual awards are open for entry? Why not nominate your favourite businesswoman or enter yourself at awards.womensbusiness.club

2021 Award Winners in October Health Triangle Magazine!

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HTM 958
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Thank you so much to everyone who was part of the 2020 Platinum Awards, it was a pleasure and I’m delighted I got to showcase such fantastic natural products and services. As you know we run these prestigious Awards yearly, and even though the last two years have been challenging I do believe that many of us are continuing to search for a more natural and holistic way to live.

If you and your brand are an award winner I would love and very much appreciate your feedback which will assist others as we’d love to encourage brands who aren’t sure about entering in the future. Please let us know how winning a Janey Loves Award has benefited you or why you believe it’s so important to recognise the best in natural products and services. This is a great opportunity for visibility for your business when we promote our 2022 Awards with exposure on our website and across our social networks! 

If you’re willing, please do a quick video testimonial via your phone, please say who you are, your brand name, and the importance for you of winning your award – Thank you! Please send your testimonial and a headshot asap to janeyleegrace.accreditation@gmail.com

 If you want to continue the momentum and get your product or service noticed and in the minds of customers both current and new it’s the perfect time to be thinking about Christmas and New Year, particularly when it comes to marketing your products. The busiest time of year is approaching and I already have deadlines for articles for Christmas / New Year editions with ‘slots’ to feature your natural products in my columns. Don’t miss your biggest opportunity!

As well as writing for several magazines and publications, hosting my show on UK Health Radio, and blogs and vlogs on Imperfectly Natural, I have my Alcohol Free Life podcast which has had over 800k downloads, and my community The Sober Club which is a totally engaged audience who are super hungry for ‘upscaling’ their health and wellbeing and they are keen to hear about my recommendations. Whatever your budget we have lots of ways to showcase your brand and get you in the eyes and minds of your ideal customers.

Take a look here at the different options of how we can keep your brand in the spotlight this season

Women’s Business Awards – Get Involved!

I am excited to announce that I will compère at this year’s Women’s Business Awards for the Women’s Business Club. I will be presenting alongside one of the UK’s most well-regarded businesswomen, Angela De Souza. 

Angela De Souza is CEO and founder of Women’s Business Club, and the Women’s Business Awards launched in 2013 to celebrate the success of businesswomen across the globe, it’s quickly becoming a recognised as a brand in business excellence and the awards are open for anyone to nominate throughout the year until the end of October at which point the voting opens.  

The Women’s Business Awards are a celebration of incredible women from around the world, who have stood out above the rest, featuring over 20 categories including Businesswoman of the Year, Employer of the Year, and the Diversity & Inclusion Award. All women entrepreneurs, executives, and the companies they run are eligible to enter. 

The awards are held online – meaning that no matter where you are in the world, you can still tune in.  

The awards event will take place during the first week of December with USA kicking things off on 1st December followed by UK on 2nd December, Australia on 3rd December, Canada on 4th December and finally ending off with South African on 6th December. All of these festivities will lead into the global Women’s Business Conference happening for 48 solid hours between 14th and 15th December. 

Angela will kick off each event with one of her inspiring business talks drawing on her years of experience in supporting women in their business or career, offering inspiring stories along with practical and honest business advice.  

I will draw on my experience as a Radio 2 presenter and Number One amazon best-selling author and working in the media for twenty-five years and running my own successful business and talk about getting clarity on the ‘Authentic you’, finding your USP and ‘YOU-nique brilliance’ and how to focus on what you really want. I want to encourage businesswoman to become their own best PR and step into the spotlight. 

There is nothing more boosting to confidence than an award nomination!  

This year’s awards are proudly sponsored by the popular online accounting software XERO and are judged by distinguished business leaders from across the country. 

Get involved for the opportunity to secure an elevated status in the business community, PR exposure and validation of a job well done! Become an award-winning businesswoman! Or if you know a hard-working woman in business that deserves some recognition, nominate her for an award today! 

For more information about Women’s Business Awards, visit awards.womensbusiness.club 

@wombizclub Sponsored by @Xero #WBAWARDS2021 

Janey Loves 2021 Platinum Awards – Winners Announced!

The JANEY LOVES 2021 Platinum Award winners were announced on a live stream from Hello Love, Bloomsbury, London.

View the Full List of Award Winners Here

Watch the Live Stream Here

We want to take this opportunity to thank our amazing sponsors, AEOS skincare, Tabitha James Kraan Hairdressing, Alcohol Explained, Sea Arch Drinks, Crystal & Rox, Taymount Clinic, and FAST (Frontline Assistance for Stess and Trauma and our media partners, My Green Pod, UK Health Radio and The Sober Club. Of course, we want to thank our judges too, who have told us they have enjoyed the products they have been sampling this year, more than ever before! Thank you, Jo Wood, Glynis Barber, Carrie Grant and Dr Marilyn Glenville.

‘Readers Vote’ Winner Will Be Announced Soon!

LAST CALL for Awards and Pop-Up Shop!

HELLO LOVE and the HELLO BEAUTIFUL FOUNDATION are excited to collaborate with Janey on the 2021 Platinum Awards.

From 13th – 3oth September we will be showcasing some of the best natural and organic brands at our special Platinum Awards pop-up shop at Hello Love.

As they are a charity, they must sell on consignment with 50% going to the brand and 50% going to charity. In addition to their foundation, they use their 50% of sales to support 45 or so other charities.

They don’t have much room for stock so they would work with each brand to select a small range that would fit in best with the local market. At the conclusion of the pop-up there will be the option to keep some of the products in the shop afterwards.

If you have entered our 2021 Platinum Awards and are interested in having your products at the pop-up shop, please let us know asap at janey@imperfectlynatural.com and we will put you in touch directly.

If you have not yet entered then there is still plenty of time to get exposure for your brand and you can enter right now – If you are a therapist, author, charity we also have entry options – go here for all details. and to enter.

Entrepreneur book of the year

Like free books? Check out @TrevorBlattner’s new book, Redefining the Top 1% and get it for free HERE (just pay S&H):  

I don’t always have time to read a lot of leadership/business books but this one is a must. If you want to build and lead a business and be a force for good in the world, check it out, it’s worth WAY more than the normal price of a book and there’s a reason why legends like Seth Godin, Marshall Goldsmith, and Joel Brown endorse if. It’s that good!

This book is for entrepreneurs, parents, business leaders, and ALL who champion greatness to enhance their personal performance and leadership capacity through a sequential step-by-step series of evidence-based behaviors.  

With plenty of helpful exercises and proven strategies, this is the go-to guide for breaking away from the current trend of despair and self-destruction by becoming an inspirational leader of yourself and those around you. I cannot recommend this book more…

Trevor is offering it for FREE right now HERE (you just cover shipping and handling)

Here’s what others say… 

“Redefining The Top 1% inspires and equips each of us to be better leaders and better humans, while guiding those around us onto the same path.” 

-Marshall Goldsmith 

“The step-by-step system of behaviors Blattner outlines in Redefining the Top 1% makes the often-daunting idea of effective leadership both concrete and achievable.” 

– Dr. Tasha Eurich 

“Regardless of your age or experience, REDEFINING THE TOP 1% will shift your perspective on what it takes to reach greatness in your personal life and in your ability to lead others.” 

– Joel Brown 

If you want to be a leader and get your business/brand seen, there’s still time to enter our 2021 Platinum Awards and get exposure for your brand and potentially be a winner! Our fabulous team of celebrity judges are ‘real life’ testing the product entries right now and giving feedback – beloved Organic living guru Jo Wood, TV presenter and ‘voice coach to the stars’ Carrie Grant, UK’s leading expert in women’s nutritional health Dr Marilyn Glenville, and actress Glynis Barber are all waiting to try your products!

Doors close on 17th  August – these awards are not just ‘enter and wait,’ we promote products and services across the awards so it gains you awareness across many different areas of media.

We also offer the opportunity for our readers, and your clients and fans to vote for products. As soon as you enter you will get ‘vote for us’ buttons to use in your marketing and on your website.


Please vote for me!

I’d love your support!  It feels like I’m constantly talking awards at the moment and entries are still open for the Platinum Awards…. but meanwhile I’d love to get a gong myself!

The Who’s Who in Natural Beauty industry yearbook recognize those people, whether brand owners, influencers, or journalists who shape the natural and organic beauty and skincare world, I was number one 3 consecutive years a few years ago, and have consistently been in the Top 25, it means a lot, please vote for me if you are in the industry in any way.

I think it’s fair to say you won’t find many people as passionate as I am about raising awareness of natural and holistic living and bringing it into the mainstream.

Thank you in anticipation!


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