Create the book that puts You and your brand on the map! In 6 months, plan, design, write and PUBLISH hard and digital copies

This programme is in two parts, and can usually be completed within 4 or 6 months. In the first section we’ll vision and plan your entire book, get clear on the book you should write, (taking into account how you intend to use it to promote your work and reach your ideal clients) I will support you through the writing process, keep you accountable and help you to create a strategy to maximise its success. When your manuscript is ready, we are set for part 2 – PUBLISHING YOUR BOOK. I have struck up an exclusive deal where you will work in conjunction with my own publishers to get your book made, into the world, and hard copies in your hand so that you can sell them at events and talks ON SALE AT AMAZON and your own Store (the publishing company can handle fulfilment so no need for a garage full of books!)

Here’s what you get…


  • Brainstorm Session

    90 mins ‘One to one’ time via skype or phone with me at the outset of the programme, where  we’ll vision, plan and devise a writing strategy and get clarity around your business and your book.

  • One to One Sessions

    Five 30 min sessions spanned over the designated period, via skype or phone where we will discuss, develop, and track the progress of your book, and knock down any stumbling blocks you encounter.

  • email support

    One and a half hours email support, dealing with feedback on chapters, and issues you are encountering etc.

  • Bonus Gifts

    Including exclusive interview and insider tips from a successful self published author, a literary editor and  tips and strategies from website developers and social networking experts.

  • Your Finished Manuscript

    When your manuscript is ready I will give you a structural and critical overview by way of a report, which will include suggestions and pointers where there may be room for improvement. This is not a technical, line or structural edit, but if you do feel you would like content editing, options are available in part two of this programme.


  • Copy Editing

    Copy editing will correct technical issues such as punctuation and grammar inconsistencies. If you feel your manuscript needs polishing to a grater extent, even some elements of ‘ghost writing’ you can involve one of our editors who will provide a quote for the work.

  • Proofreading

    Professional proofreading from a qualified member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

  • Book Design and Layout

    Bringing your book to life on the page and addition production value. Cover concept to support your market offering, design development to reflect the author’s brand and preferences. Creating print-ready artwork

  • Printing

    Printer price comparison service, print management and quality control

  • ISBN Numbers

    Issuing ISBN numbers for each print and electronic versions of the book, Uploading all metadata, book categories, keywords and full entries to all book trade databases

  • Press Releases

    Creating and circulating press releases to targeted media list.

  • Distribution

    Setting up supply chain and distribution

  • Accounting

    Audited royalties

  • Copies of your Book

    20 review copies supplied. You can then order additional stocks when required

  • Book Launch

    Invite your clients and friends to your book launch and sign copies of your book at a special Authorcraft Launch event at the Institute of Directors in The Mall, Central London.

£POA Please contact us re costs

Instalment Options Available

So are you ready to…

  • Become known as the go-to expert on your subject
  • Grow your reputation and influence
  • Create new opportunities such as interviews and speaking engagements
  • Spread your important, life-changing message
  • Step out of the background and into your full potential
  • Be an example to those you love and leave a lasting legacy…


If you want to now make YOUR book a reality, send me your details here and I’ll be in touch!

This is an initial enquiry and there is no obligation for you to continue.

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