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If you are a small business owner, coach, therapist, expert, author – if YOU are your brand, the answer is a resounding yes!    Don’t get confused into thinking that a blog has to be a daily diary, a blog post is an article, its a sharing of your opinions facts and passion about your area of expertise.   We live in an information rich society and people are hungry for great content.   You may be thinking – I have lots of information and content on my website, but its not the same, blogs are much less static, you can use social media to invite people to read your blogs and interact with you on a certain topic where they may not necessarily want to spend time on your website at this point.

By creating compelling content you have a chance to sell your expertise and knowledge to clients. Once people have acknowledged that you can help answer their questions, you become their preferred brand of choice. This in turn means that you are their Go-to expert or brand, you become literally the person they go to for help in solving or a problem.  Written content is an excellent way to get your message out there and connect with large numbers of people, as it will explicitly entail what you stand for.

Make a connection by writing subject based content:

In general marketing terms, not everyone is your ideal client. It is generally considered that at any given time, only 3% of people are actively looking for what you and your brand have to offer. But by focusing on education based marketing, you can convert that 3% to a massively increased audience, as you are teaching people about something they weren’t even aware that they needed  but could be potentially interested in.    We’re talking numbers too, its thought that around 45 per cent of the UK population read blogs (one or more a day) and research shows that small business that blog have a 126 per cent more growth than those who don’ share content this way.  Over 70 per cent of consumers feel they can build trust (we know that people do business with those they like know and trust) and its likely that they will decide to invest in your products or services.

You may already be thinking ‘I cant write!    You don’ have to be Charles Dickens

Whether you are planning to write a blog, a few articles or even a book you do not need to have amazing literary skills. You only need to pick up a few basic, but very essential, skills and re-frame your approach to writing in order to be able to communicate via the written word. We are simply trying to establish ways for your knowledge, opinions and helpful information to be able to reach a wider audience. This is your passion and expertise; all you have to do is write what you know about! Write from your heart – write how you speak.

By putting your content on a blog, you are creating informative visible content that is available on a regular basis. Blogging does not have to be as static as websites, you do not need to update this every day or even have to worry about a strict schedule. Blogging allows you to be flexible with your posts- which means you can post anything that can be both informative and educational for the reader.  Blogs are a great way to link to news stories to begin to set you up as an important voice.  Once you have established yourself as an authority, potential clients will get to know you and value your knowledge. They will in turn come back for more by signing up to your newsletter or e-zine etc.

Its important once you become a regular blogger to use tags, descriptions and the use of pictures. These are all contributing factors to the scale of your views and readership.

What to write ? How much do you know?  Sometimes very experienced experts can have a brain freeze and forget that they know anything of value!  Do a mind map of the main topics you know about that relate to your work or your business, remind yourself what questions do your clients ask most often.  What problems do others have that you can provide the solution for?  Create a blog post from some of those topics, add an image, the right tags and voila!   Make sure you encourage people to comment and interact on social media too – if you need help creating compelling content drop me an email.

I look forward to reading your blogs!

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