Having It All

I read with interest the interview a while back with Lynn Forester De Rothschild by Judith Woods. Lynn is of course happily married to Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, has had a glittering entrepreneurial career herself, and is the epitome of elegance and style.

She was obviously a charming woman and a joy to interview and when Judith said she was impressed that Lynn also managed to find time to work out for several hours in her home gym, Lynn said briskly…

’We women need to stop whining about the choices we make. We need to stop feeling put upon and taker a moment to reflect. It’s quite simple – do you want more time with your family or more involvement in your professional life? More time at the spa or your desk? There’s no right or wrong answer, just your own answer…’

Of course the issue for many of us is just that, what is the right answer for us? What do we really want?

I’m always surprised to find how many women simply don’t know what they want. They often believe in the power of positive thought, many could be crushed if they chose to lie underneath their pile of self-help books, and many have watched The Secret, they believe that their thoughts create their reality, they understand about cosmic ordering. But how to tame those wild thoughts and exactly what to order…that’s the million dollar question.

In many cases we end up in the position we are in by default, having a baby often leads to an enforced career change and then when the kids are in school there can be some agonising decisions as to where priorities lie.

If you’re at a turning point and something is nagging away at you, I’d strongly suggest you give yourself some time to meditate on what’s really important. Take an angel card and pose the question and trust your intuition when answers come, so often we ask a question, hear the answer in our head or get a clear sign but then dismiss it, usually because it might take us out of our comfort zone. Be open to new possibilities and instead of repeatedly saying…I couldn’t possibly start my own business….I wouldn’t have the skills to write a book, instead change it to a question. Ask yourself…How could I start my own business? How I could write a book?

If it starts to feel exciting you’ve probably hit on your purpose and the next set of questions should lead to how you can make a start, who could you ask for help? What could you delegate or drop in order to make time to fulfil your dreams and be who you want to be.

There was a very powerful end to Judith’s interview with Lynn Forester De Rothschild, when asked whether she really does ‘have it all’ Lynn quoted the philanthropist Carlos Slim who said…’Life isn’t about having, it’s about being’

Don’t worry about having it all, or even getting everything you think you want, but do ensure that you can be all you are meant to be.



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