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Are you an author or have you always wanted to write a book ?  Are you an expert / teacher / solo-prepreneur who wants to get their message out to a wider audience ?  Are you at a bit of a cross-roads in your life and unsure which direction to take ?  I suggest your recongise that whatever you do (even if you don’t have your own business – YOU are the brand, your own brand ambassador, and its critical to get in touch with your YOU-nique brilliance- really get clarity on your USP (unique selling point) so that you know what’s different and special and sets you apart.  I often find my clients are SO good at helping others they have forgotten what’s great about themselves!  Get back in touch with YOU – its not vanity – its clarity!  When you know your USP you can pitch to the right community and get your message out there to a wider audience.

I’ve created a download PDF exercise titled ‘SING YOUR OWN PRAISES’ to help you determine your USP. Sign up to get your FREE copy using the form below…

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