The Sober Club  – Frequently asked Questions

What is The Sober Club?

It’s an online community packed full of resources and inspiration

We know that the opposite of addiction is connection and we want to connect likeminded people to keep each other accountable and offer support and motivation for you to move on and live your best life.  The emphasis will be on health and wellbeing.

What do I get for my money?

You get access to our Buzz without Booze 90 day course, this comes with a workbook for you to track your progress, we have an ever growing library of resources, monthly zoom sessions with Janey, weekly Q and A sessions in the facebook group, Mastermind Sessions, an expert at least once  a month on a specific topic around health and wellbeing,  an opportunity to share your story in our featured members, and you become a member of our facebook community.   There will be added bonus interviews from Janey’s podcasts and exclusive member offers and discounts from brands and specialists.

Most of all you stay connected…and inspired!

Do I get access to Janey?

There are lots of opportunities to connect, Janey will offer weekly Q and A’s in the fb group and will in the group a lot, she will offer monthly trainings via zoom and you can always message her

Please note this isn’t one to one coaching, Janey does offer that separately .

I’m not sure if this group is for me…

This group and the course within are perfect for you if you are thinking of ditching the booze or you have already changed your relationship with alcohol and want ongoing motivation and inspiration to live your best life.    It doesn’t matter if you have been sober 1 day or 6 years its all about focusing on great health and wellbeing moving forward.   The  course and the information within the club is aimed at those people who are generally health and functioning well but are just drinking more than they want to, (the term used is often ‘grey area drinking’) it’s not for those who are alcohol dependant and require medical intervention  to quit drinking.  Its really important to note that if you think that may be you, it’s very dangerous just to stop!

Will there be any in person events?

We aim to set up some events in the UK for the club at some point, hopefully over time this will evolve, who knows we could have little offshoots of the sober club meeting all over the world!

Can I leave the group at any time?

Yes of course. Please let us know at least 2 working days before your monthly payment.

(MORE FAQ’s to come)