Terms and Conditions for the JANEY LOVES Accreditation

General – The term of an accreditation is 1 year commencing on payment of account.  There is a cooling off period for 48 hours where a refund is available. After 48 hours there is no refund facility for an accreditation, or for any of the items or facilities not used during an accreditation. Imperfectly Natural Ltd reserves the right to withdraw Accreditation at any time.

Accreditation Badges – Will be supplied to accredited companies (AC) once their account is paid. Badges are licenced to AC not owned, and the licence is valid only during the term of an accreditation.

Endorsement quotes – AC’s are free to use quotes on their websites during the term of their accreditation only.

Blogs – These are live during the term of AC’s accreditation only. They feature a blog (where appropriate) Accreditation badges, AC’s logo, and endorsement quote.

Competitions – These are offered to AC’s. It is the responsibility of AC’s to submit Competitions.

Vlogs- These may be made at any time during an accreditation. When Video’s require featuring of a product, the product must be supplied to Imperfectly Natural Ltd.

Press – Unless specified otherwise, and in line with most PR organisations, press is not guaranteed.

Spotlight Interviews – These are pre-recorded, and can be supplied to AC’s on request during the term of an accreditation. Broadcast on third party platforms cannot be guaranteed.