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My passion is to help bring our amazing range of Heart centred businesses and services into the mainstream. If you are an Author/Entrepreneur/Coach/Expert/Therapist, or in the Natural Health/Beauty/Alternative/Eco and Organic industries and looking for the CLARITY AND VISIBILITY you need to get YOU and YOUR BRAND in the spotlight, have a look below to see how I can help make it happen for YOU!

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Janey-Lee-Grace-Blue-transWhen it comes to training and coaching there is so much to choose from!  By working with me I hope you will benefit from working with someone who has worn ‘both hats’ i.e. as an author/ business owner at one time seeking to establish a platform and a profile of my own, and on the other side of the fence as someone who has worked in the media as a journalist/ interviewer and producer.

I learned all the tips and secrets that I’m offering you today the hard way, but my efforts rewarded me with; as an author, – an Amazon No 1 Best-selling book, many national TV appearances as an expert commentator, and as a presenter – 15 years (and still counting) as a co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show on BBC Radio 2 (now 8 million listeners) and also being voted the No 1 personality in the Natural Beauty Industry Yearbook for two years running, and a website that received a quarter of a million hits in it’s first month on-line. I currently write columns for many magazines, and my dedicated PR efforts for individual clients have resulted (for them) in some life-changing Media breakthroughs.

But it’s not just PR that we need, and sometimes it’s finding that clarity and vision that we know is within us, and searching for release! I want to help you find that vision, package it, and send it out into the world in a way that will make it listen!

If you’re uncertain about where to start, have a look at my POWER VISIONING CALL where no matter what level you are at, in one hour I can help you to drill down on the missing links that can help you leap forward to the next level. Have a look at the TESTIMONIALS, and browse some of my most popular programmes in the boxes below. Drop me a line, and let me help you achieve your goal!

Programmes to Help you Get YOUR Vision in the Spotlight

I’m thrilled with the outcome of working with Janey. Here are just some of my successes – all achieved as a result of Janey’s PR, contacts or advice.

Press;   Bella Magazine –two page spread. Mother and Baby Magazine – as a ‘go to’Pre Birth Expert· Ask A Mum – three separate articles, Herts Life Magazine – Janey Lee Grace Column. I also secured contacts with journalists writing for; Daily Mail / Fertility Road Magazine / Holland and Barrett Magazine / Essential Magazine / Natural Health Magazine/ Numerous freelance writers.

“Becoming part of Janey Lee Grace’s team has been the best step I have taken in my 5 year old business so far.” I don’t have contacts in the media world and have always floundered somewhat but as the ‘Queen of the Natural and Beauty World’ as well as a presenter on the radio, Janey is able to steer you in the right direction on how to get your message out there.

Janey has championed me and with her amazing contacts in the media world and I’ve been featured twice in The Daily Mirror, Essentials Magazine, Tesco Living Online, Hertfordshire Life, and Saga Magazine.

I can’t believe how much we have accomplished and how much I have learned about myself and what is possible. Janey taught me how to tweak my brand to offer to what journalists / producers are looking for, and I feel I’m being equipped to be able to move forward and stand in the spotlight….. I cannot recommend Janey highly enough!

“Janey goes the extra mile in championing her clients. Perhaps most important of all was that she truly believed in me and helped me to step into my power by uncovering my special quality.

She secured me two features in the UK National magazine Spirit & Destiny. That alone has more than paid for my investment with her as well as how she has helped me to grow my business to a new level.”

Sparkling! That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling after working with Janey Lee Grace.

Sparkling with hope, ideas, gratitude and excitement for the brilliant business vision that has emerged from her questions and insights.

Janey teased out the tangled threads inside my head and made a golden ball-gown with them…all in under an hour! She really is a fairy godmother. And I shall go to the ball.”