The Imperfectly Natural Health and Wellbeing Lockdown Series

My YouTube channel now has a playlist and I’ll be interviewing experts on natural health and wellbeing in my new ‘Imperfectly Natural Health and Wellbeing Lockdown Series’

I have some amazing guests, interviewing in both audio and on Zoom video and I’ll be talking with immunity and infection specialist Dr Sarah Myhill, herbs and plants specialist Euan Maclennen, Neil Shah the stress expert, Zoe Harcombe, about the power of real food, NLP trainers Andy Coley and Jo Wilson, and Patrick Holfold on his new book ‘Flu Fighters’… name a few!

There will also be a great Sober Club series too coming soon, with great tips from authors and experts on how to live a healthy alcohol free life.

Catch my interview with Patrick Holford and see the rest of the series by clicking on the video below: