The JANEY LOVES Accreditation is a brand endorsement for Natural/Alternative products and services that gives your brand the Kudos it needs to succeed in the Natural Products Marketplace. With accreditation and support packages starting at under £10 per week see which is the perfect fit for you below.

You will know Janey Lee Grace as a KEY INFLUENCER in the Natural Health world with her passion and determination to enable people to have the best choice of Natural Health products available to them. Through her best-selling books, seminars, and numerous TV and Radio appearances, Janey Lee Grace has established her position as a representative and Media Spokesperson for the Organic and Natural Health world.  She is known to over 8 million listeners daily via BBC Radio 2’s ‘most listened to’ show ‘Steve Wright in the Afternoon’, and she has been voted No 1 personality in the 2013 and 2014 Natural Beauty Yearbook. In a market where ‘third party’ endorsements and testimonials play a huge part in consumer purchasing choices, a JANEY LOVES ACCREDITATION can give your brand the credentials it needs to increase your visibility, get your brand noticed and get the media interest you are looking for.

“At Weleda we have a lot of respect for Janey, her Awards, and the opinions of her many followers. Our retailers also respect these awards as a worthy badge of honour. The Accreditation and Awards help highlight specific products, and helps raise Weleda’s profile. Janey is great to work with, full of positive energy that is very infectious. If only we had more Janey’s to show us the way!”

“Teaming up with Janey Lee Grace has been one of our best moves. Since working with Janey we have had a lot more interest from beauty buyers and potential stockists, direct proof that Janey can add value to your brand.”

I would advise anyone who’s interested in furthering their career growth in the natural product area to sign up with the Janey Loves accreditation scheme (we do the platinum level, it’s the best!) and take advantage of all the opportunities this offers. Take any training with Janey you can get – It’s invaluable to have her time and expertise trained directly on you, to help you get your launch angle correct.