Writing Is the Best Therapy

I love presenting shows on UK Hay House Radio, Hay House is a publishing company that has the most eclectic mix of amazing authors on a range of spiritual and self-help subjects. For me with my current work in helping people to share their message with a wider audience it all comes to fruition when I get to interview best-selling authors who are making the world a better place.

Coming up I am going to be speaking with Lynne McTaggart and John Parkin. In one of the last series I spoke with Atasha Fyfe on Past Lives, and Richard Flook author of ‘Why Am I Sick’, it was a fascinating insight into how our minds can heal our body.

One highlight for me last year was interviewing Julia Cameron, the author, artist, poet, playwright, filmmaker and composer. Apart from being once married to Martin Scorsese she is most famous for her book ‘The Artists Way’ its sold over 4 million copies and to this day remains a classic on the bookshelves of anyone who wants to expand their creativity.

Julia has finally written ‘The Artists Way for Parents’ – hurrah! The premise is that we don’t have be ‘perfect’ parents (thank goodness says imperfectly natural me!) but we can foster creativity in our children and reap the benefits ourselves in the process.

Julia re-enforces some of the ideas from the original book – specifically that its imperative to write what she calls ‘Morning pages’. It’s literally that – write at least 3 pages of longhand writing every morning, preferably when you first wake up. I’m guessing you had to go back and re-read that – yes I did say ‘longhand’ i.e. handwriting – remember that? No laptops, tablets or phones, good old fashioned pen and paper! There’s something unique about letting the words flow onto a page.

Unsure what to write? Just write anyway, it’s a stream of consciousness, today mine includes…’Oops forgot to send a birthday card to Dawn…I’m feeling really excited if apprehensive about my next big speaking gig…why did I have that second glass of wine, I haven’t a clue what to wear when it’s this cold…’

You get the idea! It can be about nothing…and everything and interestingly the act of writing it down is very cathartic and brings peace. It’s rather like a creative form of meditation, in fact Julia says spirituality and creativity are intrinsically linked.

Give it a shot, if you are currently trying to make some sense of your life and work it’s one of the best tools I know to fast-track you to clarity.

If you are a successful entrepreneur it will help you gain clarity on your authentic message, if you’d like to write a book it’s a great way to start – remember my favourite saying ‘You don’t have to get it right, you just have to get it going’.



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