Only £29

Ten Day On-Line Training

Do you want to Raise your Profile, Become the ‘Go To’ Expert and achieve the Maximum Visibility you need to get Your Message out to a Wider Audience?

With this Online Training Course of 5 Videos over 10 days with assignments for you to complete I’ll set you on the road to establishing You and Your brand in the market place and recognising that you can become Your Own Best PR

  • Get clear on your USP

    YOU are your brand, your business is all about you, and by telling your story and being clear on your USP you can see how you can relate to your ideal clients.

  • How to create compelling content

    In this second video we’ll look at the ways to reach and inspire your potential ‘tribe’.

  • Confidence

    It’s really important if you want to be Seen Heard and Sold to have confidence in your message. In this third video we look at confidence building and the tricks of appearing confident – even when you’re nervous!

  • Standing in the Spotlight

    Do you want to become the expert that people like know and trust?  Being a great speaker or interviewee comes down to three things – Passion, Preparation and Presence and in this video I will show you exactly how to master these.

  • Attracting Opportunities

    Once you’re ready to be in that spotlight you need to create the right opportunities to showcase you and your brand. In this final video I give you tips on how to get great press coverage.