“I thought I couldn’t write. Next thing I know, I’ve knocked ‘The DaVinci Code’ off the Amazon No 1 Spot! There’s a book in all of us, but sometimes we just need that guidance, those tips and secrets, and that honing of all the knowledge inside us to create our calling cards to big new opportunities.”


In 5 months plan, design and write the book that puts your business on the map!

In this programme, you’ll learn how to get your expertise out into the world in a BIG way. I’ll HOLD YOUR HAND throughout the whole process of writing your book. Together we’ll vision and plan your entire book, get clear on the book you should write and identify your all-important target clients.

I’ll help you…

  • Get clear on your title
  • Plan your book structure
  • Structure your writing schedule
  • Find your authentic style
  • Keep to your book plan
  • Choose the right editors and designers
  • Position yourself as an Author-ity

Not only will you get crystal clear on the message and content of your book, you’ll get ongoing one-on-one feedback from me on your progress — AND I’ll be your personal accountability partner as you work toward the completion of your book. Plus I’ll give you real-world guidance and tips as to your best options in terms of editors, book covers, design and loads more… And as a special bonus, I’ll even throw in your own personalised PR /marketing strategy AND If appropriate, I will offer you an endorsement quote for your book cover! If you would like to tell me about YOUR book, just fill in the form here and we’ll be in touch!

So are you ready to…

  • Become known as the go-to expert on your subject
  • Grow your reputation and influence
  • Create new opportunities such as interviews and speaking engagements
  • Spread your important, life-changing message
  • Step out of the background and into your full potential
  • Be an example to those you love and leave a lasting legacy…

What you get…

  • Brainstorm Session

    90 mins ‘One to one’ time either in person (London or Herts ) or via skype or phone with me at the outset of the scheduled 5 month period, where  we’ll vision, plan and devise a writing strategy and get clarity around your business and your book.

  • One to One Sessions

    Fortnightly 30 min sessions for the entire 5 months via skype or phone where we will discuss, develop, realise, and track the progress of your book.

  • email support

    5 x 30 mins  over the 5 month period, dealing with feedback on chapters, and issues you are encountering etc.

  • PR/Marketing Strategy

    Strategy and advice for future PR activities, editing and perfecting your press release, and where appropriate access to my exclusive contact book that will enable you to pitch to exactly the right people. As my client you will also be on my ‘radar’ where opportunities/press leads can often arise where I can use my influence to your benefit.

  • Creating your Book proposal

    Crafting a proposal that will attract publishers. Even if you are self publishing you need clarity on your target reader and your marketing plan

  • Interview with Janey

    A recorded Audio Interview with Janey on your book that you can promote and upload to itunes or similar

  • Bonus Gifts

    Including exclusive interview and insider tips from a successful self published author, a Master of Pitching and a top PR agent. Contacts for publishers – find out what they are looking for and help with self publishing Tips and Strategies from website developers and social networking experts.

The Investment for the Full 5 Month Programme is £3795 ($5927)

Instalment Options Available

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