I’ve been working with Janey Lee Grace for around 5 weeks so far and during that time my feet have hardly touched the ground! Literally on the first day, I was tasked with pitching for an online magazine! Since then I have pitched to numerous media and all pitches have been accepted to date. I’ve also recorded a radio interview and been featured on Janey’s own website and associated sites.
If you’re passionate about your offer and brand and want to get your name out there quickly then Janey will have your back. What’s not to like?! Thanks Janey

If you own or know any ethical brands then suggest they enter @janeyleegrace Platinum Awards. They’ve helped Incognito become the #1 #ethicalinsectrepellent because of the huge amount of publicity we’ve received!

I’m so glad Janey asked me to enter the Platinum Awards last year.

Aside from the publicity, the extra credibility and exposure it gave me, it was a massive confidence boost, and probably one of THE proudest moments of my life!

Therapists, healers and coaches work SO hard and transform peoples’ lives, and as a holistic therapist and spiritual teacher myself, it was so nice to be recognised and rewarded for the hard work that I put in to empower others to heal themselves and create the life they desire!

Having Janey by my side as I’ve launched my book has been a blessing.

As a one-woman show, working & living on my own, it is near impossible to do all the things I want and need to do to get myself out there as much as I’d like. Knowing that I also have Janey championing me, putting press releases out there, coming to me with articles to write (and giving me deadlines to do it by!) takes a weight of pressure in one area of my business off my mind. It’s much easier to become more visible when working with someone who is already out there. To become seen as an expert – work with an expert!

I decided to take up Janey Lee Grace’s ‘Get On Air’ package for a little extra va va voom for my business, especially coming up to Christmas. I loved the way Janey brought clarity to my key messages with such a surprisingly easy method which I would never have known to use myself. From the ‘Get On Air’ package I have attracted lots more sales and enquiries and great feedback. I enjoyed being on air to an absolutely fabulous audience.

Thanks so much Janey, You are a star!

My fabulous clarity session happened at just the right time, Janey Lee Grace. Before our session, I was spreading myself too thinly and thinking too small. It felt wonderful to benefit from your experience, insightful questioning, inspirational mentoring and powerful presence. Now I feel clear on the actions I need to take to step into my expanded vision. I nearly didn’t do the session because I wasn’t sure it would make a difference but I’m so glad I said ‘Yes’. Being with you is a game-changer. Watch this space as all unfolds.

I was about to launch my Selfie School and I needed help with a press release. I contacted Janey Lee Grace and was delighted when I received much more than a great press release.

Janey is well-known and very connected and soon I was being asked for quotes and comments on articles from various magazines, I was featured in Soul and Spirit and I have been put forward for other magazines and projects that Janey is either working on, or because ‘she is in the know’, I have worked with other PR people in the past and never before has my profile been lifted so quickly.

She really puts her all in when she takes on a new client, I would highly recommend her services to anyone else looking for some publicity or to uplift their public profile.

I’m thrilled with the outcome of working with Janey. Here are just some of my successes – all achieved as a result of Janey’s PR, contacts or advice. Press;   Bella Magazine –two page spread. Mother and Baby Magazine – as a ‘go to’Pre Birth Expert· Ask A Mum – three separate articles, Herts Life Magazine – Janey Lee Grace Column. I also secured contacts with journalists writing for; Daily Mail / Fertility Road Magazine / Holland and Barrett Magazine / Essential Magazine / Natural Health Magazine/ Numerous freelance writers.

“Janey’s depth of experience from both sides of the PR fence means that she provides a great space for creative dreaming, backed up with the practical solutions to make the dream a reality. No matter who you are or what you do it is always of value to have another point of view, and Janey gave me the opportunity to see my work from another perspective. This supports new opportunities and gave me the chance to focus in a new way.

Sparkling! That’s the best way to describe how I’m feeling after working with Janey Lee Grace. Sparkling with hope, ideas, gratitude and excitement for the brilliant business vision that has emerged from her questions and insights. Janey teased out the tangled threads inside my head and made a golden ball-gown with them…all in under an hour! She really is a fairy godmother. And I shall go to the ball.”

Janey totally gets how being a holistic practitioner we have different needs to mainstream businesses, and the small investment I made gave me such content rich secrets and showed me every step of the way how to raise my profile, stand out from the crowd through building a successful platform and take my business to the next level.  I recommend anyone serious about building their holistic business to make this small investment in themselves and their business to bring lifelong success.

“My One to One Coaching with Janey showed me all the tricks of the trade in my quest to become Radio and TV’s favourite Legal Expert”

“Becoming part of Janey Lee Grace’s team has been the best step I have taken in my 5 year old business so far.” I don’t have contacts in the media world and have always floundered somewhat but as the ‘Queen of the Natural and Beauty World’ as well as a presenter on the radio, Janey is able to steer you in the right direction on how to get your message out there.

“Three months before my first book was due to be published – I was petrified – enter Janey Lee Grace. Since the book’s release I have spoken on radio shows and have been interviewed by leading tabloids. I would recommend Janey to anyone anxious about achieving their goals. Not only did she magically transform something I was worried about into something fun, but throughout the whole process I felt like I had a powerful cheerleader – full of wisdom and integrity – waiting in the wings.”

“With a gentle touch and easy brilliance, Janey Lee Grace showed me exactly where I need to focus to take my business to the next level. There’s a lot of noise out there in the business world, and to raise above all the chaos, the message has to be clear and laser-sharp. I could have spent years stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out what Janey showed me in an hour!”

“I was at the point of seeding a business idea which would launch me fully out into a much wider world than I have been working in for the past 15 years.  Janey helped me focus on “who I am” and what my unique gifts are and gave me tools to discover what my ‘One Big Dream’ actually is and how I can make it relatable to my potential clients. Thank you Janey for leading me onto a new path of greater understanding of how I need to show myself to the world in order to be truly successful.”

“Within the first five minutes Janey had established what I was about and didn’t waste any time focusing on my brands needs. She identified key areas that I had not thought of and needed to work on in order to get my brand out there. I came away with clear set goals on what the next step was for my brand. I loved how easy it was to speak to Janey, even though I knew she was a No 1 best-selling author and BBC Radio host, I felt completely relaxed with our conversation.  Janey helps you fill in the gaps of the where, how, and who questions, allowing you to get clear about your brand. Whether you are a beginner or as established as me, you can’t afford not to invest in her classes, workshops or calls if you want to get ahead. She is your angelic Guru, the only guide I want to take with me on my journey to the top.’’

“Janeys tuition was brilliant, her PR contacts came in very useful, and helped me get my foot in the door as a radio expert in continuing guest slots on the BBC”.

Janey’s passion and energy to help people get their message across more clearly and to a wider audience is infectious. Janey asks insightful questions and they move you to a deeper level of awareness and clarity. Her knowledge and first-hand experience of PR and Marketing is outstanding. Janey is knowledgeable, highly professional, genuine, down to earth and most definitely recommended.

“The great thing about talking to Janey on the Power Visioning Call was that she completely understands what I do and gave me some really clear guidance without the need for lengthy explanations. Her huge experience in both the media and the holistic industry helped me to get clear on what makes me unique and the key things to focus on to get the most relevant attention for my business. It is really important to me that the people I choose to work with are extremely authentic and passionate about what they do – I am pleased to say that Janey is one of those people.”

For a small company, cost-effective marketing is a must. We needed to get our message out there, and one of the best ways for us has been our involvement with Janey Lee Grace. It obviously helps that Janey has a good profile thanks to her slot on the Steve Wright Show on BBC Radio 2, and of course her ‘Imperfectly Natural’ books, but what makes all the difference is Janey’s passion for all things natural. If you’re on a tight budget and need to raise brand awareness, this is probably your best bet!

“Having the chance to talk with someone who not only understands business, marketing & PR but also the Holistic industry as well is a very rare and unique opportunity. Janey is incredibly professional, down-to-earth, focused and has a strong sense of vision. The thing I loved about our Power Visioning Call call was the fact that she held the highest vision for me and made sure that I could grasp that too. This call is a call to walk more fully into your limelight and Janey is the perfect facilitator for that. I also loved the fact that she instinctively knew where to ‘pitch’ the conversation and made sure that I left knowing my immediate next steps. I know this experience has put me on an elevated track and I can’t wait to work with her more…”

Janey’s professionalism, wisdom, experience, clarity and humour helped to prepare me and instil confidence for my first radio interview and after just one Coaching Session with Janey, I have more clarity, confidence and direction. I feel inspired and motivated to get on with my first book and am looking forward to developing my business.”

Working with Janey was amazing.  She walks her talk and to get the opportunity to work with and expert like Janey is a wonderful way to invest into expertise that takes a lifetime to gain – and Janey shares this with you.”

Janey has helped put my business on the map in an exciting way. I was over the moon that Janey wrote about my Angelic Lifestyle workshop in Spirit & Destiny Magazine which has given me incredible media coverage. Her media training was a fantastic help. Definitely recommend.”

“Janey, I am thrilled with the outcome of my VIP DAY with you! I cannot thank you enough for your friendly approach, your knowledge, and your skill at showing me how to reach my potential in a heart centred way. As everything I am now doing is truly authentic to me, I am finding that the tasks I undertake are coming so naturally. Amazing. I have set straight to work to follow through on your suggestions and can see my future in a completely different light.

As soon as I met Janey, I knew she was the perfect person to have a POWERFUL one to one with, so I emailed her that same night and booked my VIP DAY. Janey is very intuitive, very spot on with advice and knows precisely how to get the best out of one’s niche skills/passions/talents. She has insightful and really pertinent advice that can help change things VERY quickly.

She’s lovely, funny and warm too, and I would heartily and wholeheartedly recommend her with utter pride.”

“Janey’s enthusiastic skills and passion for communication enabled hundreds of our course participants to leave feeling fully prepared for their brushes with the media.”

“Teaming up with Janey Lee Grace has been one of our best moves for NATorigin. Since working with Janey we have had a lot more interest from beauty buyers and potential stockists, direct proof that Janey can add value to your brand.”

“My plan was to take my business to a new level, and that means getting really active in my PR and marketing. So I decided to call in Janey’s perspective and ‘fresh eyes’.  Hell, she’s good! She homed-in on critical, missing pieces of my jigsaw in a flash…. Janey, thank you for your skill and honest point of view… it’s just what I needed, at just the right time…”