The Power of Your Tribe

It was inspiring hearing Lynne McTaggart speak at the recent Hay House conference, Lynne is an author, a journalist, scientist, and editor of the long running publication ‘What doctors don’t tell you’ which is a magazine that reports on non-drug alternatives and takes a critical yet fully researched look at conventional medicine – specifically treatments or medication that may not be proven to be safe or effective.

Lynne Mctaggart

The magazine has attracted the attention of sceptics who are funded by Big Pharma, and after a big campaign The Times newspaper ran an article declaring that ‘What doctors don’t tell you’ was giving false information which could be fatal!    

There was a call for the magazine to be taken off the shelves and Tesco bowed to pressure, at no point were the editors contacted or given a right to reply, and so Lynne – instead of resorting to legal recourse, took the fight right back to them via the same channels.

She harnessed the power of social networking and her own mailing list and used ‘people power’.

Tesco bowed again and put the magazine back on the shelves. A current furore with WH Smith is ongoing and readers of the magazine or anyone who values free speech are being encouraged to write and encourage them to restock it. It’s surely time for us to take more personal responsibility for our own health and wellbeing and this magazine is an important information portal.

What’s so inspirational about this rather unsettling story is that when Lynne harnessed her networks and wrote many messages to the Trolls and to The Times asking why in the name of good journalism they didn’t ask for her comments, they duly ran another piece using an image of the mag cover, and her sales promptly doubled!

They do say that every cloud has a silver lining and Lynne encourages us all to be ‘people influencers’ to join forces with other likeminded people and spread positive messages, it’s easy to feel that sense of ‘it’s only little me’ – I can’t do anything that will make a difference’ but the power of ‘we’ can be very strong indeed.

Together we can be the change we want to see in the world.


The Bond

I highly recommend Lynne’s book ‘The Bond’ where she looks at the power of communities – find your tribe and get your positive messages out there.

If you’ve attended one of my workshops, or invested in an online course or coaching programme with me you are absolutely part of my ‘tribe’.

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Creating Your Dream

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt


Have you got clarity on your goals? 

Have you got a big dream?

It’s amazing how many people don’t achieve what they say they want to achieve simply because they haven’t really set their intentions.

It’s good to start by having a dream for your work and for your business. It may seem like a time wasting exercise, ‘don’t daydream’ most of us were told at school and yet being able to dream something brings it closer to our reality.

Einstein was a dreamer, he probably would have been labelled as a child with learning difficulties if he had lived in our time, as he didn’t learn to read and write till quite late, but he daydreamed, and his greatest breakthrough was the theory of relativity – it came to him when he was daydreaming about what it would be like to ride a beam of light to the end of the universe.

Dreaming is a right brain function and you shouldn’t waste the possibility of harnessing your imagination and visualisation on your sleeping hours, absolutely take some time out to dream, get yourself into a relaxed state perhaps by taking some deep breaths, it might help to imagine a white light flowing through your body enabling you to feel completely relaxed.

“I dream my painting and then paint my dream”

Vincent van Gogh

From that state you can take your mind on a journey and ask yourself what is it that you really want?

Don’t be too woolly about it though, if a genie or fairy godmother was able to deliver your dream exactly as you had asked for it, make sure there’s no room for error!  Don’t make your one big goal – a space to work in….you may be given the edge of someone’s garage workbench, don’t say ‘I want to earn more money’…you may find your pay increases by just a few pounds…be specific, and if it’s a dream for your work or your business then make sure its detailed and will bring you the work life balance you really want.

Don’t forget to commit it to paper too, mind maps, affirmations and vision boards are all brilliant to remind us where we are headed.

At a Hay House conference recently one of the speakers gave the analogy of getting into a car and just setting off to go somewhere new, with no particular destination in mind, the truth is if you don’t put the postcode into the Sat Nav or open the map, who knows where you will end up! 

Get dreaming!