Thinking about the free membership training with Stu Mclaren?

I’ve already shared with you the link to register for the great free trainings from Stu Mclaren. Heres a bit more info and timings Don’t miss this because its only once a year.

Stu Mclaren is an absolute legend and he is offering an awesome FREE live training from April 23rd called “Turn What You Already Know, Love, and Do Into A Profitable Membership.”

How do you generate money when the perception is focused on fear and anxiety, and thousands of business owners are closing their doors? Stu will point you in the direction.

Register HERE – it’s free

Now more than ever, millions of people are looking online for educational resources, entertainment, and new outlets to keep their morale high. And not only that, people are craving connection. A membership is the safest place where like-minded people can connect on a much deeper level. (That’s definitely what I have found with The Sober Club.)

Stu says…’Once a year we bring together thousands of entrepreneurs and share how to build a wildly successful membership business around what you already know, love and do. I’ll show you TONS of examples of people (just like you) that have done it in pretty much every niche you can think of.From calligraphy and photography, to fitness and finance, to health, music, dog training, lesson plans, meal plans, eye lashes, door hangers and so many more!’ It’s possible for you too!’

Watch my interview with Stu to see how inspirational he is!

The free trainings are evenings UK time

Part 1 – Thursday, April 23rd

Part 2 – Monday, April 27th

Part 3 – Thursday, April 30th


Starts with identifying the 3 characteristics of a GREAT membership market.

Is your market well suited for a membership?

In the first part of the workshop Stu will show you a powerful tool that will quickly help you determine if the idea you’re considering will fly or flop.

MONDAY, APRIL 27: Part 2

During this session you will walk through the simple, but most important element to any membership site…. The Success Path™  This is the foundation of your membership, Stu will share with you the 4 REAL reasons why people buy and what hooks them to join and keep paying month after month. You’re guaranteed to have one of those “AHA” moments during this. But you’ll also have a TONof clarity as well.


During this, you’ll get Stu’s proven step-by-step Membership Blueprint for starting (or growing) a low stress, highly profitable membership. Stu pulls back the curtain in this session and show you my exact plan that outlines EVERYTHING you need for a thriving membership. And if you already have a business – even a brick-and-mortar store, I’ll show you how to easily pivot and jumpstart your very own online membership business.

So here’s what to expect…

Each day, you’ll get an email with details on how to access each part of the workshop. Carve out 30 minutes to go through it – then join in on the discussion. Each part of the workshop builds on the previous one. So make sure you go through them in order to get the most out of it. Sound like a plan?

Don’t miss these trainings, Stu is awesome, if you can’t make them live you will get access to the replay but you do need to be registered

How To Market Yourself Now!

A 12-part step by step on-line Video Course with downloadable workbooks to teach you how to become your own best PR, and get You and Your Brand Seen, Heard and Sold in the modern marketplace.

 I strongly believe that everyone has the capacity to be incredibly successful in business with the key ingredients of Passion, Purpose and Authenticity.

In this series of 12 videos and downloads, you’ll learn how to:

  • Define Your USP
  • Define Your Ideal Client
  • Define What You Want for Your Business and Life
  • Reach Your Ideal Clients
  • Master the Tricks of Image Led Content
  • Write That Book
  • Master Confidence and Charisma
  • Create A Winning Presentation
  • Be A Great Interviewee
  • Attract Clients and Media Attention
  • Know What Journalists and Producers Want
  • Get Exposure and Visibility

With this unique Training Course, I’ll teach you about the all important FOUR C‘s – CLARITY, CONTENT, CONFIDENCE, and CONNECTIONS.

I’ll show you how to master these components to enable you and your brand to get noticed, attract visibility, key influencers, media attention and the perfect ideal clients.

Along the way, I’ll share all the tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years that changed me from a shy teenager with a stutter to BBC Presenter and motivational speaker, and from an unknown first-time author to an Amazon #1 Best Selling Author!


With a gentle touch and easy brilliance, Janey Lee Grace showed me exactly where I need to focus to take my business to the next level. There’s a lot of noise out there in the business world, and to raise above all the chaos, the message has to be clear and laser-sharp. I could have spent years stumbling around in the dark, trying to figure out what Janey showed me in an hour!

Shann Jones CEO Chuckling Goat

Having Janey by my side as I’ve launched my book has been a blessing. As a one-woman show, working & living on my own, it is near impossible to do all the things I want and need to do to get myself out there as much as I’d like. Knowing that I also have Janey championing me, putting press releases out there, coming to me with articles to write (and giving me deadlines to do it by!) takes a weight of pressure in one area of my business off my mind. It’s much easier to become more visible when working with someone who is already out there. To become seen as an expert – work with an expert!

Judith Quinn Professional actress, certified coach and sound energy practitioner

I have calculated that I have spent over £20,000 on marketing courses and products to promote my business. Janey’s PR Masterclass was by the best for me and is incredible value for money. It certainly over delivers and would recommend working with Janey to anyone who wants to get their own message out there.

Mark Bristow Author of The Financial Healer

Janey is brilliant! She gave me great insight into my brand, got me to think about things from a different perspective and really examine the value of my brand, plus lots of ways to get connected better to my customers. Janey gave me much needed confidence to get out there, be visible and proud of what we do and how we do it. I would definitely recommend working with Janey.

Rebecca Martin CEO Conscious Skincare Ltd