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I hope you have managed to catch some of the workshops and webinars with Stu McLaren, amazing isn’t he? Full of enthusiasm and passion.

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I’ve been writing about and recommending all aspects of natural health and wellbeing for years and years, I’ve written books, given a TEDx talk and sold courses, but the single most rewarding thing I have ever done is to launch and nurture my membership site The Sober Club, its for those who want a non judgemental approach to living holistically – all aspects of physical emotional and spiritual wellbeing underpinned by ditching the booze. I get to share my passion and enthusiasm, and bring together experts and brands and engaged community members who LOVE upscaling their life and being ‘held’ in the group.

I trained with Stu and while my club is still v small and of course not perfect, I can honestly say that Stu’s training helped me massively. He is the real deal! Thats why I am promoting his course Tribe this year, and if you click on any of the links and end up being part of it, you’ll get some awesome bonus add-ons with me too.

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Here’s more on Stu in case you are new to it all!

Stu McLaren is the go-to expert for all things membership, 

I’ve been sharing a lot about memberships lately, because I’m a HUGE believer in them. Starting a membership can be a GREAT source of steady income, even when the market is uncertain.

And there are SO many case studies I’ve heard from my friend Stu McLaren (known as “the membership guy” in the digital circle) that prove it.

…Like Aarin Chung, who started her membership in March 2019, about one year before COVID hit her business in the United States.

Aarin serves Real Estate agents who want to market their businesses online, and she had incredible growth in the first year after starting her membership.

And you won’t believe how much her business brought in, even through the pandemic.

You can hear her incredible story here.

Here’s the thing… This might sound like a one-off success story, but Aarin is not the only one! Stu gets success stories like this from his students all the time…

And here’s some great news for you… YOU can learn from Stu in his FREE Membership Masterclass this Sunday!

He’ll be teaching many of the strategies Aarin and others have used to launch and grow their Memberships and bring in revenue month after month, no matter what the economy is doing.

Stu rarely puts on a training like the one he’s about to deliver.

Only his private clients and masterminds get to sit in on stuff like this.

If you’re wondering whether starting a membership is the right move for you… you have to get in on this!

Want to know if building a monthly membership is a good fit for your market?

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