Here’s another chance to watch my training videos on why it’s great for your brand to enter awards and maximise promotion …

We recognise that this is an incredibly testing time for brands, however if you can invest in some promo for your brand right now there is so much opportunity. People need your holistic products more than ever before, and magazines and newspapers still need to fill their columns. We have discounted entry fees till the end of April and we have a great panel of judges on board and excited to try your products.

If you are interested, or you just are thinking of entering any awards in the future watch these training videos that I recorded previously.

I LOVE awards, running them, presenting them and receiving them, and I’ve created a 3-part video training to convince you that as part of your marketing, entering your products or services into some kind of awards can be hugely beneficial towards building your personal brand.

It’s not only about winning an award… whether you get the gong or not, it’s worth getting into the running.

If you’re an author, a coach, or a therapist, you will probably have felt a bit daunted at one time because there are so many people offering the same message, or treatment or method – but there’s only one YOU, and your own story, your big why is part of your USP, it sets you apart – and entering and potentially winning an award could really help you stand out in the best possible way.

Part two of my video training shows you why entering an Awards programme can be hugely beneficial towards building your personal brand.

In this final video I talk about the best ways of boosting your PR and getting more engagement when you are part of an Awards program. Enjoy!

If you enter our 2021 Platinum Awards at premium MAX level this includes maximum exposure with a personal showcase blog, a showcase snapshot on UK Health Radio Show (200,000 unique listeners per month) and a personal video feature of your product presented by me and promoted via Janey Loves and UK Health Radio social networks with a combined reach of 100,000+ people AND you can have free PR included.