Janey in FORBES – ‘Getting your Message Across’

Media now means much more than it used to. “If you want to use any kind of platform to get your message out there, you need the right skills to get on that platform. You need to be prepared to attract the opportunity and then maximise it.” But it’s also possible to miss that opportunity: being media-ready takes preparation. “One of the reasons I started working with clients on media training is that, as an interviewer and co-host on BBC Radio 2, I see this from both sides of the microphone,” says Lee Grace. “I’ve seen guests come in to do a pre-recorded interview that would have gone out to eight million people – but was dropped because they weren’t prepared.”

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Fear of Public Speaking?

In a study of 2000 women it was found that the very idea of standing talking to an audience is so loathsome that women would rather go to an early grave.   The study found women fear making a spectacle of themselves, and are terrified of stuttering, tripping up and looking foolish. Read more